45 Year Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

It has been 45 years since the landing of Apollo 11 at Tranquility Base. It was seen as and still is one of the greatest feats of human kind. For this years anniversary here are a few interesting facts about the Moon.
1. Tides are caused by the Moon’s gravitational pull on the oceans, causing a bulge of water on either side of the Earth.
2. The Moon is drifting farther from the Earth each year, 3.8cm/y
3. All 24 feet that have touched the moon, 12 people, belonged to American males
4. Despite Lunar missions being named “Apollo” Apollo was the Greek god of the Sun, with Artemis the goddess of the Moon
5. NASA plans to send more people to the Moon by 2019
6. During the Cold War America considered nuking the Moon in order to show strength over the USSR
7. There are “Moon Quakes” caused by the gravitational pull of the Earth
8. The Moon isn’t perfectly round, more egg shaped
9. There are trees planted across the US that had visited the Moon as seeds
10. Gravity on the Moon is 17% of that on Earth


Is Android L the best version of Android yet?

Android-L-article-headerAs many of you know, yesterday was Google’s developer conference otherwise known asandroid-l-notifications Google I/O. This year Google showed off lots of really exciting things that they will be working on this year. Probably one of the most exciting new things that was announced at Google I/O was android L. The latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. This is probably one of the most amazing updates yet. This update completely redesigned android’s UI. It introduced Google’s new design language called material design. This new design language is all about making the interface more clean and fast. The new UI includes card-based layouts that are bright and simple. It includes new wonderful, physics-based animations when you interact with almost anything on your phone. Google plans to integrate its material design language into all of it’s apps across multiple platforms Mobile(android/IOS), tablets, TV, wearables such as watches and Google glass and also in cars. This new update also includes some useful features such as a new lock screen which displays all of your notifications on it. From the lock screen you can easily expand and even dismiss notifications. Google also introduced a new feature called” heads up”. This is pop-up that will appear on top of whatever you’re doing to alert you of a notification. This means you’ll never have to drag down the notification bar to see who sent you a notification. 182493-androidlheadsupGoogle also introduced a cool new feature that will allow you to directly link you an app from Google search. For example, if you searched for Facebook on Google your phone would automatically open up the Facebook app once you click on the Facebook link in the search results as long as you have the app installed. Although this feature has been available for a few apps up to this point, Google is planning to open up this ability to all developers! As for some minor changes that are still important… Android L supports 64-bit architecture just like IOS, it is also has improved GPU support, it is no using a new run time called ART instead of Dalvik. This will allow android applications to run twice as fast as they did before. There have also been many improvements with security, now there is smart watch authentication this means that if your phone is in range of your smart watch your phone will not ask you for your password. There have also been many battery improvements in Android L, now stock android has a built-in battery saver mode which should help you get at least an extra 20 minutes out of your phone’s battery. That is it for this post! Tell me what your favorite android L feature is. Don’t forget to like and share this post.


WWDC 2014 what we saw this year


Although some people may be disappointed that Apple didn’t unveil any hardware at their  worldwide developer conference this year, they still managed to unveil plenty of new software which in my opinion is even more exciting! Along with updates to the Mac operating system, Apple also unveiled iOS 8 with a plethora of new features such as third party keyboard, Smart home integration and even a new programming language for apps.



The new version of Apple’s popular mobile operating system is finally here and it includes lots of very interesting and useful new features. Apple’s stock keyboard will now finally  provide predictive typing similar to on android the suggestions can change depending on the person you’re talking to there will also be third party keyboard such as swipe. The new mail app adds a number of gestures, like swiping an e-mail to delete it like in Mailbox. Messages will now offer location sharing and the ability to mute a thread and also send audio messages. They also introduced active notifications which allows users to respond to notifications without leaving the app they are in.


Mac OS X Yosemite

Apple finally created a completely redesigned UI for their Mac operating system. They gave it a look similar to iOS 7 with this same flat design. Now, if you have an iPhone, you can place and receive calls from your Mac and even receive text messages from non-iPhone users. Notifications center has a few new Apple stock widgets but now they allow you to add third-party widgets which is very interesting. Safari has now been redesigned with a flatter UI and airdrop now works between Mac and iOS. Read more about OS X Yosemite here.


Health app 

Apple has announced its new fitness application for iOS. The app’s general UI is similar to that of passbook. It will gather data from third-party applications such as the Nike in order to keep all your health related information in one place.


Home kid

Home kit will allow users to control locks, lights, cameras, doors, thermostats, plugs and switches via the IOS app without multiple apps to control different functions.


Third-party widgets in notification center and third-party keyboard 

A very interesting feature that Apple has now added to iOS Is third-party compatibility  Now, one iOS app will be able to share information aspects and inabilities from one app to another similar to how it’s been on android for years. This will also allow developers  to make widgets for the notification center. This feature will also allow developers to make their own keyboards into their apps.

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Apple announces OS X Yosemite!


Today at Apple’s worldwide developer conference they released the next version of their popular Desktop operating system OSx. They released OS X 10.10 Yosemite, the new update provides a cleaner design which resembles a lot iOS 7. The OS now has a much more clean interface with translucent panels, flat design, and lack of gradients and textures and this new design overhaul can be found throughout OS X 10.10. The app icons now feature flatter designs with windows of apps being translucent and with sharper corners. And windows can now adjust color and temperature based on the users selected background just like in iOS 7 and now in iOS 8. The notification center has been greatly improved in Yosemite, you can now view your calendar, reminders, weather and an much more. Apple also says that now the capabilities of the notification center can be expanded thanks to third-party widgets. OS X 10.10 is more of a visual refresh then a complete overhaul of the operating system. In my opinion the biggest improvement to OS X is the better the better integration with apple’s other devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Compelling users to buy themselves into the Apple ecosystem and at the end of the day, I believe that OS X  10.10 was a very interesting update and that it will be benefit consumers in the long run. The developer preview will be available today and the public beta will available this summer. Everyone else will get the update this Fall.

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What I want to see in iOS 8


With all the exciting news of self driving cars and next-generation flagships such as the LG G3. You may have forgotten that WWDC, Apple’s worldwide developer conference is now upon us. Monday Apple developers and members of the press will come together at Moscone Center for a sneak peek at Apple’s latest software innovations. At this point, we know for sure that Apple will be releasing a new version of their mobile OS, iOS 8. In this post, I would like to list a few features that we may end up seeing in iOS 8.

The first thing that has been rumored is split screen multitasking, now this is probably onehqdefault of the most unpalatable features we will see in iOS 8 but it’s still worth talking about. Adding this feature would put apple’s operating system on par with Samsung’s touchwiz and many other android skins that have this feature built in. It would also make it a lothealthbook-book easier and quicker to get things done on your device. We can also expect to see “Health Book” apple’s new fitness tracking application. This is probably one of the most probable things that will be added to iOS 8 since we have seen so many rumors about this. The app’s interface would look similar to passbook but with the flatter design. We can also expect to see enhanced touch ID for the iPhone 5S and eventually maybe even for the new iPad whenever they might decide to release that. We will definitely see some much needed stability improvements to iOS 8. Although iOS 7 currently works fine on Apple’s newer devices it has many stability issues on their older devices such as the iPhone 4, 4S, and even the old iPads. This rumor is quite improbable but still possible, if Apple wants to stay on par with Android. Alternative keyboard support for iOS. This would allow third-party developers to develop keyboards for iOS similar to how it works on android. We also may see some improvements to the lock screen such as the ability to dismiss notifications right from there, to add widgets for weather, stocks, scores, and maybe even third party applications. We may even see NFC support. NFC or near field communication has been available on android phones for quite sometime and it allows users to simply swipe their phone over and NFC tag and cause the phone to perform certain tasks. If iOS 8 were to get NFC support this would suggest, that the next iPhone Will have NFC built in.

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iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 are now official!


Apple is beginning to prepare the inside of Moscone Center in preparation for their worldwide developers conference, according to the banners for OS X 10.10 and IOS 8. A photo of the iOS 8 banner at WWDC was supplied by business insider.  The banner depicts a simple “8″ and what appears to be a watery background. iOS 8 is expected to look very similar to iOS 7. We believe that it will offer a small polish along with several new features including a new health app “health book”, new TextEdit and preview apps, and possible improvements to both Siri and maps. We will get our first taste of iOS 8 on Monday during Apple’s WWDC keynote which will start at 10 AM Pacific time. Apple will be live streaming this event on their websiteNot forget to like and share this post! 

This is an update Apple has now just put up a banner for OS X 10.10 which makes it official. iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 will be unveiled at WWDC 2014.


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Source: Business Insider

HTC may be making a waterproof HTC One…


There’s been a lot of talk recently about HTC releasing a prime variant of the HTC One M8. But till now we haven’t heard anything besides rumors and speculation and some alleged rendered leaks. According to 9to5Google HTC is eventually planning to launch two new variants of the M8, a “plus” invariant and an “advanced” variant. The company is working on two separate devices that will join the M8 family. It may be that the prime model of the M8 would be the rumored “plus” variant rebranded for public consumption. 9to5Google’s source claims that the “plus” will lack the dual camera setup instead have a single 13 megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization. There haven’t been many rumors on the matter yet but it could have a 2K display with the highest pixel count to date 2560 X 1400 resolution. There have also been rumors that the prime model may have a waterproof shell. The fact that HTC may be ditching the double camera setup is very appealing in my opinion instead they will be able to go for a higher megapixel count which has always been the problem with HTC’s flagships.

Source: 9to5Google

Google creates first car with no steering wheel!


Earlier today, Google announced that they had successfully created a self driving car prototypes with no steering wheel. The Google car is fully electric, big enough for two passengers and its top speed is 25 mph. Human involvement with the car is kept to a minimum, all you have to do is get in, put on your seatbelt, press the start button, and wait for the car to take off. The car’s console shows the temperature and the time remaining in your journey. It is also equipped with a chrome browser which you can use to surf the internet during your drive. Google is planning to continue testing the technology in this car and to fine tune the driving experience.

This is a video explaining the technology behind Google’s self driving cars…


LG G3 sets new standards for flagship smart phones

lg-g3-official-colours_verge_super_wideEarlier today the LG released their new flagship device, the LG G3. The G3 is one of theScreen Shot 2014-05-27 at 7.26.50 PM higher end flagship devices we have seen so far this year. Like its predecessor the LG G2, the front side of the device is occupied mainly by its display. The display on this device is 5.5 inches with a very thin bezel and an overall minimalistic design. The front side of device is about 77% screen. The display is an IPS display with, a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. LG’s new handset is as tall as the HTC one with its 5 inch screen and as tall as Sony’s 5.2 inch xperia device while also being lighter than both of these phones. The G3 also has high-end specs like most of its competitors. It has a snapdragon 801 processor, up to 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage, and room for a micro SD card for expandable storage. LG has redesigned its entire UI ,and along with these changes it has implemented its new smart voice service that works much like Google now. It will remind you to call someone back, tell you to  uninstall unused apps, and make recommendations for your day such as “you may want to take an umbrella today since it is going to rain this evening”. The design of this phone, is in my opinion very appealing, and on par with other well-built devices such as the HTC one M8 and even the iPhone 5S. The back of the G3 looks as though it is made of brushed metal, when in reality it is made of polycarbonate which allows it to be very light and to have a removable back. Even though the back is not made out of pure metal like the HTC one M8 and the iPhone 5S, it still feels well built. This G3′s camera is also quite impressive, it has a 13 megapixel sensor, optical image stabilization, and a new laser autofocus system a first among smartphones. The device comes in various colors metallic black, silk white, shiny gold, Moon Violet, and Burgundy Red. And the device will be available with 170 carriers globally and it will be launching in the US on May 28th and in  the rest of the world in June.

Source for images and video: The Verge

Google building devices that can see the world around them

maxresdefaultAccording to an article from The Wall Street Journal , Google is reportedly planning to produce 4,000 prototype tablets next month, that are able to use camera and sensors to create a 3D map of the world around them. These tablets are rumored to be part of Google’s new project Tango, a project aiming to create a 7 inch tablet that can use, infrared depth sensors, two back mounted cameras and software capable of rendering high quality 3D images of a room and objects. The Wall Street Journal  reports that we may even see the first prototypes released to the public before Google’s IO developer conference in June.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Source: The Verge