Emulators will no longer work on iOS


Apple will soon release the first major update to iOS 8, iOS 8.1. This update will introduce some new useful features such as the much anticipated Apple pay, but it will also patch some exploits and loopholes which some third party developers are currently taking advantage of. One of these loopholes allowed iOS users to run emulators on their phones to play old console games. The loophole in question consists of changing the date on your device to the previous day, downloading the app from Safari and then changing your date back again.

Impressions- Android L, iOS 8

List of new features on the upcoming updates for Apple and Android devices.

Apple iOS 8 -

The new Apple Fitness App. A replica of Samsung Fitness App

The new Apple Fitness App. A replica of Samsung Fitness App

  • Apple iOS 8 – A total overhaul of the existing iOS 7 update from last fall
  • To create their own cloud service for documents (iCloud Drive). Ex. “Google Drive”
  • Finally bringing third party keyboards to iOS 8 . (Swype and swiftKey)
  • All Photos now live in your iCloud Photo Library
  • Messages that would self destruct on its own . That is basically a copy of snapchat.
  • Interactive Notifications. (Respond to text from iOS 8, Facebook Banner, Event Invitation “Accept or Decline,” Shortcuts to Favorite and Recent contacts.)
  • Safari copying Chrome with viewing all tabs in one page
  • Health – Fitness app to monitor your heart rate monitor, calories burned
  • Switching devices being able to finish one email on all devices.
  • Spotlight- Now gives Wikipedia Entry, Nearby Places, trending news


Android L-

The overlook of Android L

The overlook of Android L

  • Icon Change
  • Overhaul of Kit Kat UI Design – Changes of the App icons
  • There are now animations for almost any action you take.
  •   Return button is now a triangle pointing to the left
  •   Home Button- Circle
  •   Multitask- now looks similar to the tabs view in Chrome.
  • DialPad- Changes to Kit Kat DialPad, Dialpad pops up when you press the blue button on the bottom right hand corner.
  • Contacts- More intuitive easier navigation to a certain contact.
  • Keyboard- A more flat Keyboard as like in iOS 7 Keyboard, A wider keyboard for users with bigger fingers to use easier.
  • Settings App- Becomes more intuitive than Kit Kat with a more organized looking tabs. (It also now comes with a search function)
  • Volume – Pop up on-screen slider to turn on “Do Not Disturb,”
  • Calendar app- Becomes a more organized by color for events in a list.


TWRP comes to android wear smart watches

TWRP-Android-Wear-940x757Team win recovery project’s custom recovery now has official support for all the current android wear smart watches: the Samsung gear live and the LG G watch. Now owners of these two watches will be able to flash custom ROMs, make nandroid backups and much more. Even though currently there aren’t many ROMs available for the two watches….

TWRP is one of the most popular custom recoveries available on android it’s widely used in the modding community to install third-party firmware like cyanogen mod and paranoid android onto android devices. Just cause TWRP has arrived on wear doesn’t mean it is completely stable. For instance, it isn’t optimized for android wear’s small screens (seen in the photo above) and I can’t even begin to imagine how it will fit on wear watches with circular displays like the Moto 360.

Facebook requires users to use their messenger app

facebook-messenger-newUIOn Monday Facebook said that if users want to chat on Facebook they’ll have to do it through the standalone Facebook messenger app. Facebook first released messenger in selected European countries in April but since then it has spread throughout the world. Now, when users try to send a message using the Facebook app they will be prompted to download messenger if they haven’t already installed. According to Facebook currently 200 million people use their messenger app every month. Facebook also said that messenger is much faster than the Facebook app about 20% faster. The Facebook messenger app is currently available for both android, iOS and even windows phone.

Source: cnet.com

Dinosaurs and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Dinosaur extinction could have just been really, really bad luck. The 6.2-mile-wide20140728-184644-67604129.jpg Chicxulub asteroid may have caused the mass extinction. “The asteroid almost certainly did it, but it just so happened to hit at a bad time when dinosaur ecosystems had been weakened by a loss of diversity. If the asteroid hit a few million years earlier, when dinosaurs were more diverse, or a few million years later, when they had a chance to recover as they often had done before after diversity losses, then dinosaurs probably wouldn’t have gone extinct,” said University of Edinburgh vertebrate paleontologist and evolutionary biologist Stephen Brusatte.


Google Chrome Beta update for android brings new material designed look

chrome-material-640x414Google currently is rolling out a new update for Google Chrome beta for android. The new update brings with it a simplified signing process and some new design elements which resemble google’s material design language.

The new sign in process will automatically sign you into all Google related apps and services like Google plus, maps and even YouTube. The new build also contains lots of bug fixes and performance improvements you can download Google Chrome Beta from the play store or download the APK online.

45 Year Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

432773It has been 45 years since the landing of Apollo 11 at Tranquility Base. It was seen as and still is one of the greatest feats of human kind. For this years anniversary here are a few interesting facts about the Moon.
1. Tides are caused by the Moon’s gravitational pull on the oceans, causing a bulge of water on either side of the Earth.
2. The Moon is drifting farther from the Earth each year, 3.8cm/y
3. All 24 feet that have touched the moon, 12 people, belonged to American males
4. Despite Lunar missions being named “Apollo” Apollo was the Greek god of the Sun, with Artemis the goddess of the Moon
5. NASA plans to send more people to the Moon by 2019
6. During the Cold War America considered nuking the Moon in order to show strength over the USSR
7. There are “Moon Quakes” caused by the gravitational pull of the Earth
8. The Moon isn’t perfectly round, more egg shaped
9. There are trees planted across the US that had visited the Moon as seeds
10. Gravity on the Moon is 17% of that on Earth


Is Android L the best version of Android yet?

Android-L-article-headerAs many of you know, yesterday was Google’s developer conference otherwise known asandroid-l-notifications Google I/O. This year Google showed off lots of really exciting things that they will be working on this year. Probably one of the most exciting new things that was announced at Google I/O was android L. The latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. This is probably one of the most amazing updates yet. This update completely redesigned android’s UI. It introduced Google’s new design language called material design. This new design language is all about making the interface more clean and fast. The new UI includes card-based layouts that are bright and simple. It includes new wonderful, physics-based animations when you interact with almost anything on your phone. Google plans to integrate its material design language into all of it’s apps across multiple platforms Mobile(android/IOS), tablets, TV, wearables such as watches and Google glass and also in cars. This new update also includes some useful features such as a new lock screen which displays all of your notifications on it. From the lock screen you can easily expand and even dismiss notifications. Google also introduced a new feature called” heads up”. This is pop-up that will appear on top of whatever you’re doing to alert you of a notification. This means you’ll never have to drag down the notification bar to see who sent you a notification. 182493-androidlheadsupGoogle also introduced a cool new feature that will allow you to directly link you an app from Google search. For example, if you searched for Facebook on Google your phone would automatically open up the Facebook app once you click on the Facebook link in the search results as long as you have the app installed. Although this feature has been available for a few apps up to this point, Google is planning to open up this ability to all developers! As for some minor changes that are still important… Android L supports 64-bit architecture just like IOS, it is also has improved GPU support, it is no using a new run time called ART instead of Dalvik. This will allow android applications to run twice as fast as they did before. There have also been many improvements with security, now there is smart watch authentication this means that if your phone is in range of your smart watch your phone will not ask you for your password. There have also been many battery improvements in Android L, now stock android has a built-in battery saver mode which should help you get at least an extra 20 minutes out of your phone’s battery. That is it for this post! Tell me what your favorite android L feature is. Don’t forget to like and share this post.


WWDC 2014 what we saw this year


Although some people may be disappointed that Apple didn’t unveil any hardware at their  worldwide developer conference this year, they still managed to unveil plenty of new software which in my opinion is even more exciting! Along with updates to the Mac operating system, Apple also unveiled iOS 8 with a plethora of new features such as third party keyboard, Smart home integration and even a new programming language for apps.



The new version of Apple’s popular mobile operating system is finally here and it includes lots of very interesting and useful new features. Apple’s stock keyboard will now finally  provide predictive typing similar to on android the suggestions can change depending on the person you’re talking to there will also be third party keyboard such as swipe. The new mail app adds a number of gestures, like swiping an e-mail to delete it like in Mailbox. Messages will now offer location sharing and the ability to mute a thread and also send audio messages. They also introduced active notifications which allows users to respond to notifications without leaving the app they are in.


Mac OS X Yosemite

Apple finally created a completely redesigned UI for their Mac operating system. They gave it a look similar to iOS 7 with this same flat design. Now, if you have an iPhone, you can place and receive calls from your Mac and even receive text messages from non-iPhone users. Notifications center has a few new Apple stock widgets but now they allow you to add third-party widgets which is very interesting. Safari has now been redesigned with a flatter UI and airdrop now works between Mac and iOS. Read more about OS X Yosemite here.


Health app 

Apple has announced its new fitness application for iOS. The app’s general UI is similar to that of passbook. It will gather data from third-party applications such as the Nike in order to keep all your health related information in one place.


Home kid

Home kit will allow users to control locks, lights, cameras, doors, thermostats, plugs and switches via the IOS app without multiple apps to control different functions.


Third-party widgets in notification center and third-party keyboard 

A very interesting feature that Apple has now added to iOS Is third-party compatibility  Now, one iOS app will be able to share information aspects and inabilities from one app to another similar to how it’s been on android for years. This will also allow developers  to make widgets for the notification center. This feature will also allow developers to make their own keyboards into their apps.

Well, that is it for this post. What did you think of WWDC 2014? Tell me your opinion in the comments below… Also don’t forget to like and share this post!



Apple announces OS X Yosemite!


Today at Apple’s worldwide developer conference they released the next version of their popular Desktop operating system OSx. They released OS X 10.10 Yosemite, the new update provides a cleaner design which resembles a lot iOS 7. The OS now has a much more clean interface with translucent panels, flat design, and lack of gradients and textures and this new design overhaul can be found throughout OS X 10.10. The app icons now feature flatter designs with windows of apps being translucent and with sharper corners. And windows can now adjust color and temperature based on the users selected background just like in iOS 7 and now in iOS 8. The notification center has been greatly improved in Yosemite, you can now view your calendar, reminders, weather and an much more. Apple also says that now the capabilities of the notification center can be expanded thanks to third-party widgets. OS X 10.10 is more of a visual refresh then a complete overhaul of the operating system. In my opinion the biggest improvement to OS X is the better the better integration with apple’s other devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Compelling users to buy themselves into the Apple ecosystem and at the end of the day, I believe that OS X  10.10 was a very interesting update and that it will be benefit consumers in the long run. The developer preview will be available today and the public beta will available this summer. Everyone else will get the update this Fall.

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