The Apple Predicament

apple-wallpaper-logoThe Apple iPhone is a worldwide favorite brand for smartphones. What would happen if they try to change any major features on the phone? What if their software designer that was one of the designers who created slide to unlock feature left Apple? This is where your going to find all the information about Apple iPhone ideas and changes for the coming new phone?

iPhone Big Screen Problems?

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HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 is a brand new smart phone by HTC. The older brother of the HTC One and HTC One Max.


OS: Android Kit Kat 4.4, HTC Sense 6 

Camera- Dual 4 MP Auto focus, 2 Cameras to readjust the focus point, 

CPU- Quad core 2.3 Gigahertz, Snap Dragon 801 

Colors: Gray, Silver and Gold

Battery- non removable 2600 mAh Battery

Internal Memory- 16-35 GB, You can also add an SD Card to add additional memory to the device

Screen Size- Slightly Larger 5″ inch screen

Resolution: 1080 X 1920 Pixels 





Revitalizing Android Lock Screen


Cover-lockscreen-app-featuredTwitter bought Cover, the experimental lock screen that you can download exclusively on the Google Play Store. Cover is a lock screen that uses your location positioning system (GPS) on your android device to tell where you are. For example say if your home and you only use a couple apps at home, those apps will always show up on your lock screen when you are at home, also if you go out, Cover knows what apps to recommend to you while you’re out and traveling. Let me get into what this transaction means for Cover and their customers using it in the beta testing right now. Twitter wants to merge cover with your twitter account, say a natural disaster happened in your area, cover would be able to show tweets about it from other tweeters in your area on your lock screen. This is sort of the kind of notification system ios users have with “Push Notifications”, So if you want a smart lock screen for your android device definitely try out Cover.


Billion Dollar “Lawsuit” Apple Vs Samsung


Apple is once again suing Samsung for damages of using their technology patents in their devices. The patents that Apple is reporting that Samsung used is “Autocorrect, Background Sync, Universal searching and Slide to Unlock feature.” This Lawsuit is basically trying to get Samsung to back down and for Apple to raise up to the number one best smartphone manufacturer. The price tag for Samsung to pay is $2.19 Billion for damages.


Five year old boy hacks into his dad’s xbox live account

9492165_600x338Earlier this week a young five year old boy from San Diego managed to hack into his fathers xbox live account exposing a large security gap in microsoft’s popular gaming platform. Accessing his account was not hard at all, he simply had to type spaces in the place of his fathers password in order to gain access. His father noticed that his son had been doing something suspicious when he saw him playing games that he shouldn’t have been able to access. He then asked his son to show him how he was getting into his account and his son gladly did. After that father and son reported the bug to microsoft. They responded by giving him a one year free membership to xbox live, four new games and $50.

Amazon announces amazon dash, a new way for them to make loads of cash

amazon-dashOnly a few days after the release of amazon’s new media streaming device Fire TV, amazon unveiled a new piece of hardware. Amazon Dash.  Dash is a device that makes buying stuff on amazon way to easy. If you run out of something you can just scan its barcode or you can just say what you want and dash will automaticly order it for you. It makes it way too simple to you to spend money. Now you will be able to order whatever you want whenever you need it without even thinking twice, you just have to say it to dash and it should arrive the next day. You can order anything from groceries to any sort of item you could think of. You will never have to leave your house to buy food or anything you may want ever again.

Nokias going green! Just like android

Nokia-Green-FacebookEarlier today Nokia changed their Facebook and Twitter profile and banner photos to simply the color green. The signature color of Google’s incredibly popular operating system android. This may be a tease of what is come. Could this mean that Nokia will announce their first smartphone running android later this month at MWC 2014? A spokesman for Nokia told Cnet UK that their sudden change in color is a “teaser for things to come”. At this point we can be almost sure that Nokia will release an Android phone. If this phone will be running a more pure version of android or a heavily customized version like the Kindle Fire I don’t know…

But I do know that me, along with many other people in the tech community will be watching closely what they will do.

Nokia is rumored to unveil their first android phone later this month

173According to The Wall Street Journal Nokia is preparing to unveil its first android phone later this month at mobile world congress. Nokia is expected to use a heavily modified version of Google’s operating system similar to android on Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Nokia has a press event scheduled for later this month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. At this event we expect Nokia to talk some about their new windows phones but most importantly about their new android phone rumored to be called the “Nokia X”.

What do you think?  Will Nokia make the witch to Android? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Flappy Birds is officially dead

flappy-bird-game-overYesterday Dong Nguyen, the creator of the incredibly popular iOS and Android game Flappy Birds said on his twitter account that he could no-longer  take the negative response that he was getting from his game and stated that he would be taking the game down shortly but that he would continue to make games. As of Sunday February 9th 2014 Nguyen has followed through with his promise and removed the game from the Android and iOS app store,

What do you think? Will the game be off the market forever or is this only temporary? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Google could release a red Nexus 5 for Valentines

bfvugkxcmaay-t0-largeMany recent leaks suggest that Google may be looking to release a red Nexus 5 in the coming days. Some rumors speculate that it will be released before valentines day maybe even as early as February 4th. screen-shot-2014-01-31-at-3-06-19-pm (1)   Engadget publicized these photos of the red Nexus 5′s box rednexus5 (1)