Why the Pebble Time is just what a smart watch should be


In 2012 Pebble launched a kickstarter campaign to release the world’s first true smartwatch. You would be able to receive notifications, download apps and even answer calls all from your watch. Since then, many of the biggest tech companies in the world have joined the smart watch movement and have released smart watches with very premium designs and less premium software.  Even 3 years later, the original Pebble still somewhat holds up to the competition because of its simplicity and long lasting battery. Earlier this week Pebble released the first true successor to the Pebble, the Pebble Time. The Pebble Time is much slimmer and lighter than the original Pebble. It now has a colored e-ink display and a much more modern looking UI. The UI may actually be the thing that makes this smart watch so great, the OS organises your data in the form of a time line.  By going back in time you can see everything you missed, going to the future it will show you what is coming and, by default, the watch shows you the present, which shows you the current time along with any incoming notifications. Personally I believe this is what the UI of a smart watch should look like.  Iit doesn’t need to be a smart phone strapped to your wrist– it simply needs to be a device that tells you relevant information quickly and easily without having to talk out to your phone. Unlike other manufacturers which are pretty much making smart watches that are similar to low-end smart phones designed to strap to your wrist, Pebble is keeping things simple therefore insuring that the OS will be stable and won’t lag or crash like other smart watches do. Pebble’s main focus is just to get information to you as quickly as possible without adding other complex features and I believe that is exactly what a smart watch should do. Also an important point to note is its battery life of 7 days which is far superior to any other smartwatch on the market, which on average last only 2 days. Of course, there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to the new Pebble. Its design isn’t that great in my opinion, and it looks more like a toy compared to some other smart watches such as the Moto 360, Pebble Steel or even the original Pebble. Also, I think they could have made it a bit more affordable, currently it is $200 or $170 if you pledge that amount of money on kickstarter. That puts it into about the same price range as the Moto 360 and although it does just about the same things as the Moto 360, it doesn’t look nearly as premium. Overall I believe that the Pebble Time is a step in the right direction for Pebble and the smart watch market in general.

The Great Barrier Reef Eats Plastic

Mmmmm plastic, sounds delicious.  A study was done on the affects of plastics on corals in the Great Barrier Reef and concluded that certain plastics are consumed and may be harmful. “Corals are non-selective feeders and our results show that they can consume microplastics when the plastics are present in seawater,” Dr Mia Hoogenboom, a Chief Investigator with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University, is quoted saying. “If microplastic pollution increases on the Great Barrier Reef, corals could be negatively affected as their tiny stomach-cavities become full of indigestible plastic,” The study was done by placing small particles of micro plastics in the water with species of corals and letting them sit overnight. By the morning the corals had consumed all of the plastic in the water.


Why the most recent leaked renders may not be the real M9

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 4.27.14 PM

Image source: The Verge

Over the past few weeks you all may have noticed the supposed leaked renders of the M9. In these leaked images we see a phone that looks extremely similar to the M8 with almost no noticeable difference besides the camera which we assume is 20 Mega pixels… Personally I think that all of these leaked renders and prototypes are fake and have been intentionally leaked out by HTC to distract the press from the real leaked renders… There is only one render that we have seen in the past few weeks that I believe to be real. The render was leaked by none other then Evleaks. One of the most trusted leakers on the internet. His render shows two completely redesigned phones. Both with a beautiful aluminum body, a larger front facing camera and almost bezel less screen. Personally I think this is the real M9 mostly for two reasons. One, this seems to be a more realistic design for HTC to go with in my opinion, if you look at the M7 vs the M8 you can see that the design of those two phones are quite different, so if HTC significantly changed the design with the M8 why wouldn’t they not do another major redesign with the M9. The second reason I think this render is real is because it was posted by Evleaks. As I said before Evleaks is one of the most trusted leakers out there and his leaked renders of the M7 and M8 were completely right. So, that is what I think… I obviously could be completely wrong and this might all just be wishful thinking, but it is still fun to think about :)b8cidk3cyaezatg-1-2015-01-28-09-14-25

Could this new project provide Internet access to the entire world?

imageFor the past few years many companies have been trying to provide wireless Internet access to areas in the developing world. Some companies already have satellites orbiting high above the Earth that provide Internet access to certain areas in the developing world. But this Internet access is extremely slow because the satellites are so high above the Earth (22,000 miles up). It takes data transmitted by these satellites more then half a second to reach the receiver on Earth and this creates serious lag making the connection almost unusable for things such as streaming, cloud computing and gaming.
Two companies, Space X and One Web are trying to change this. Space X is a privately funded company partnered with Google and One Web it is a start up which has patterned with Virgin Galactic. They both want to send satellites into low Earth orbit, around 750 miles up. This would significantly reduce the time it takes for the data to reach Earth making the connection much faster. (it would reduce the overall time by about 20 milliseconds). Both these companies are planning to send this network of satellites in the next 5 years. What do you think? Do you think these plans will actually go though? Please tell us you opinion in the comment section below and don’t forget to like and share.

Has Google just announced Android 5.1?


Image Source: Official Android One site

All though Google hasn’t made an official announcement they indirectly confirmed the existence of Android 5.1 on their Android One website. Earlier today the official Android One website was updated saying that every Android One phone will be running android 5.1! Originally many people though it was a typo but since then Android Police has confirmed its existence with a picture of an Android One device running 5.1. No official change log has been released but this new development does seem to fit a leak from Android Pit which said that the update would be released some time in February with the following changes:
Silent mode added after missing on Android 5.0,General improvements in system stability,Improved RAM management,Fixes for sudden app closures,Improved battery management,Excessive consumption of network devices when used Wi-Fi fixed,Issues with wireless connections fixed,Problems with Okay Google function solved,Notifications problems solved,Some sound problems experience [sic] by certain devices fixed,Other improvements and changes,Changes in the Material Design color palette. Source Android Pit


Image Source: Android Police

Android 5.0 Lollipop finally makes it’s way on to the android distribution chart

android-stats-640x304As many of you know every month Google releases a graph representing the current distribution of android versions across all devices. Android 5.0 has been out for a few months now, but it hadn’t managed to be installed on a enough devices to show up on the distribution graph. But now it finally has. As you can see Android 5.0 is now installed on 1.6 percent of all android devices. Android Kit Kat is still around 39% it has increased 0.6% since last month and Jelly Bean devices are slowly becoming less and less as they are updated to Kit Kat. Android Froyo is still hanging on at 0.4%…

Is the da Vinci Junior the most affordable “good” 3D printer yet?

Jr_Orange_300DPI_RightYou may think that 3D printers are very expensive and complex machines that only large companies are able to afford. Well this year at CES many companies are attempting to change that perception of 3D printing and make it more main stream. One example of these efforts is the Da Vinci Junior. It is XYZes latest 3D printer in their line up. It is only $299 and requires no assembly and is plug and play. The printer has an enclosed printing environment and also gives you the option of printing off an SD. It also only consumes 75watts of power and weighs 12Kg.

LG unveils the LG G Flex 2 at CES 2015

IMG_2074The G Flex 2 is the successor to the original G Flex which was the first smart phone to adopt the curved flexible display. The design of the phone hasn’t changed much. The display is slightly smaller and now is about the same size as the G3 5.5 inches. It also has the self healing cover on the back of the phone which will be able to repair scratches in up to 10 seconds. As far as specs are concerned the new G Flex has the Snap Dragon 810 an octa core 64 bit processor that runs at 2 Ghz. One big improvement that was made is with the display. The display is now 1080p which means it has a 403 ppi pixel density which is slightly higher then that of the iPhone 6. The camera is pretty much the same there have only been a few software tweaks such as the ability to start the count down for taking a picture by closing your palm.

Image Source: arstechnica

What to expect at CES 2014

ces 2For those of you that don’t know, CES is the consumer electronics show which is held every year in Las Vegas. It is one of the largest tech conferences in the world. Every year many manufacturers show off the their latest products. Here are the things we expect to see this year at CES:

  1. More affordable 4k/8k TVs                                                                                                              4k TVs were first introduced at CES about 4 years ago and still haven’t been widely adopted by consumers yet. Their are a few very important reasons why. One the prices of 4k TVs are astronomical compared to HD TVs. Its almost impossible to find a good one under 2000 dollars. Another reason is that their still isn’t much 4k content. Many TV stations haven’t adopted the new resolution and although streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube are going to start streaming 4k content the internet speeds required to stream 4k reliably are much higher then what the average person has today.
  2. More wearables

    Although this year we have had our fair share of wearable tech they still all feel like first gen devices and I am excited to see what 2015 will bring with it. We might see more android wear watches, more fitness wearables and maybe even new types of warbles.

  3. Smart Home                                                                                                                                     Devices that promise to make your home smarter have been around at CES for years but they have always been over prices and not really that smart. This has changed in the past few years, many manufacturers offer DIY kits which significantly reduced the price and now many smart devices are connected to the internet which will allow you to control them from anywhere in the world at anytime. They are also getting much smarter but implementing algorithms that aim to predict your daily routine in order to act accordingly.
  4. 3D printing                                                                                                                                       3D printing has been at CES for about 3 years now and every year they have become more and more prevalent. This year we expect to see more affordable models some with prices as low as $150.